Introducing Our New Branding: Trust, Transparency, and Accountability

We're excited to unveil CrowdInvest's new look and feel! Our rebranding includes a new business logo and colour scheme that better represent our brand values and purpose. While we loved our previous branding, we wanted to ensure that we communicated our brand's many layers clearly and effectively.

So, why did we rebrand? At CrowdInvest, we're committed to achieving trust, security, and transparency in alternative investments. We felt that our previous logo and brand colours didn't quite capture this commitment, so we decided to switch to different shades of blue to highlight our focus on trust, transparency, and reliability.

Our new business logo features three arrows pointing inward, each representing our key stakeholders: Startups, Investors, and Community. By bringing these three groups together on our platform, we create a powerful synergy that benefits everyone involved. Only the finest startups from around the world are onboarded which are showcased to our exclusive community of sophisticated investors. Our platform is elusive but represents opulence once onboarded. The best and brightest come to connect, collaborate, and make a positive impact on the world. We believe that by bringing together these three pillars of innovation, we can unlock incredible potential and drive the future of entrepreneurship forward.


Our new logo also features six-sided hexagons emanating from the central point of stakeholder interaction, representing the interconnectedness of our stakeholders and the wider community. (5)-1

Our tagline, "Trust. Transparency. Accountability." reflects our commitment to maintaining high standards in our operations and dealings with both investors and entrepreneurs. We believe that building trust with investors is essential to providing accurate and reliable information about the startups seeking funding. Our focus on transparency means that we provide clear and understandable information about investment opportunities, including the risks involved. Finally, we take accountability seriously and are committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for everyone involved. 

As an alternative investment platform that connects investors with promising startups seeking funding, our goal is to create a transparent and trustworthy ecosystem where investors can make informed decisions based on trustworthy data, and where startups seeking funding are well-vetted and have the potential to deliver returns to investors.

We believe that our impact has a ripple effect, which is why our branding features a hexagonal ripple effect graphic. This design represents the benefits of our users’ success spreading further for the benefit of wider communities.

Finally, we're proud to focus on the three Ps of Profit, People, and Planet. By prioritizing these three areas, we believe that we can create a sustainable future that benefits everyone. Our new branding conveys our commitment to these values and to our stakeholders. 


We're excited about our new branding and the message it conveys. We believe that it represents our values and our commitment to our stakeholders, and we're looking forward to continuing to work with you to create a better future for everyone.